Bringing together our love of food and community.

Sharing our love of food & community

We are a bunch of Food lovers who over time and many meals turned into family.

The First sparks of the idea were born at a lunch table in a dreary and grey office where for 45 mins we would see everyone slip out of their comas and come back to life. We would congregate, sit, discuss, disagree, connect and laugh over our barely warm lunches as we only had one microwave and it was always hogged by Lindsey defrosting his homemade soups .

I always knew the power that food had to unite people and I would use this power to make some of the best friends I have to this day! I love connecting over a meal, it makes things easier, maybe it’s because we are too busy digging into our food that we forget to keep our walls up all the way, leaving just enough room for a question or comment to get your curiosity, like when i asked the simple question of “who do you think would win a fight out of a Silverback gorilla Vs a Lion..?

I was always sure to ask the shy person in the group first, i would savour that awkward moment, because before you knew it their shyness was a thing of the past and they would be yelling answers and opinions back at everyone ,and they became part of the lunch crew!!

2020 hit everyone hard and even though we “were all in this together” I felt the distance, the separation, the huge disconnect. I felt for Melbourne, I think we all did and still do. Myself I’m a bit of hermit too, I love my own space and could hibernate for weeks happily. Yet knowing this and then feeling so alone and detached that I was craving human contact and the community feels of that lunchtable, I could only imagine how hard it has been for actual human beings with their big warm hearts!!

So after many discussions with close friends and family about potential projects, looking for ways we could give back to the community and have fun doing it, with the encouragement of my friends and my wife and now the support of Beyond Blue Beyond Blue we have found a way to do that so it’s only natural that we invite you to join our table, where if nothing else, we can eat and we can laugh together!

Look forward to your company and……… Bone Apple Tea!!!

– Andre

PS. I say Gorilla all day!!!!

Ready to start cooking?